the exceptional of tensta konsthall now is the hidden effect. for us it is very important to keep this and give it a more positive touch.

at the moment this hiding place makes people to ignore tensta konsthall. but it should be possible to let this be the personal character of tensta konsthall. that is what people should remember as the speciality of this place.

we want to create an intimate inner courtyard to give the unattractive square more privaty and its own atmosphere. this can be achieved with the position of the new buildings.

the inner courtyard should not be seperated from the pulsated live in tensta. it is not thought as an own unit - more as an public space with intimate character which is opened to all directions. a special detail are the views to be noticed at unexpected spots too.

the theme that we want to follow is giving views to make peolpe curious so they want to see more. therefore we create horicontal and vertical cuts.